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Winter Keys


“This sculpture was created in Portugal, in the fall of 2012. It had been four years since my previous visit and I’d almost forgotten how green that part of the Atlantic can be, and was entranced once again with how the glare of late afternoon sunshine can blend the aquatic hues of emerald green with the white solar rays…” Ithaka

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Sculpture: Winter Keys _ 2 pieces
Materials: acrylic paints + ink + resin + plastic parts
Size: 0,60 x 1,80 x 0,08 cm _ each
Year: 2009
Location: California | USA


“Visually these two pieces, Winter Key Blue & Winter Key Purple [ made in California in 2009 ], are two of the most elaborately detailed works in the 23-year history of the project, “The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard”.
In these forms I am re-exploring one of my frequently visited subjects, the Keys Of Life, and the Keys Of Happiness. What do we need to be happy in this lifetime?
And as it was a chilly December & January while I was working on these sculptures, I naturally drifted into a more wintery visual theme.”

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