The “Taro Reef” Series #05


08 Jan The “Taro Reef” Series #05

The “Taro Reef” Series

“Since 2010, I have become more and more involved with photographing the miniscule, specifically insects. And as I have been occupying my time with documenting these tiny creatures, I sometimes see other things I might normally not even pay attention to (if I didn’t have my eye line looking out of a macro photographic lens).

Sometimes I see curious patterns in small stones, faces on tree bark…or in the case of this series, shapes of ocean waves in leaf formations.

The ‘waves’ do not appear frequently, just occasionally – but the ones that manifest themselves more consistently are found in my taro patch. Tubular swells appear as the leaves begin to unwind out of the plant’s central stalk. As I said, it is not a daily or even weekly occurrence, I have to pay close attention the plant’s growth progress┬áto see when conditions will be at their best.”



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