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12 Aug “WINTER KEYS” (Purple & Blue) Contemporary Sculptures By Artist, Ithaka

"WINTER KEYS" (Purple & Blue) two sculptures made in Southern California that are part of Ithaka's ongoing body of work entitled, The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Reincarnation_of_a_Surfboard Find out more about "The Reincarnation of a Surfboard" universe at wayofarts.com/ithaka/ and follow his most recent work...

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08 Aug Ithaka featured In SURFER Magazine

SURFER magazine features, once again, in a double spread article the surfers journey through the world and lifestyle. Read more directly on SURFER magazine's website at surfermag.com/magazine/ and surfermag.com/features/ or through the surfers agent at wayofarts.com/press/ and wayofarts.com/ithaka/...

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