08 Sep The “Taro Reef” Series #02

The "Taro Reef" Series "Since 2010, I have become more and more involved with photographing the miniscule, specifically insects. And as I have been occupying my time with documenting these tiny creatures, I sometimes see other things I might normally not even pay attention to (if...

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12 Aug Hurley Town Hall with Ithaka Sculptures and Art Work on a one evening event

Ithaka blasted through another outstanding event/exhibition, this time at the Hurley Town Hall gallery, in Costa Mesa California, USA, October 2013. To know more about the exhibition go to WOA|way of arts and see through the outstanding event at Hurley's gallery! For more information on Ithaka's mos...

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12 Aug Ithaka at Sagres Surf Culture 2013

Sagres Surf Culture invited Ithaka as special guest, directly by Jo√£o Reis, organizer of their 2nd edition and 2013 event of the Art, Music and Film festival that takes place every year in Sagres, Portugal, a one of a kind surf paradise well known to...

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